The customer is a provider of a cutting edge talent management platform.

SkillNet measures each employee’s job related skills through self and 360 assessments. The platform combines skill assessment data with a check-in tool to start frequent conversations between employee and management so that customized, individual development plans tailored to each employee’s skill gap areas can be deployed.

This complex system includes a variety of services:

Competency Models – The competencies from job descriptions are enhanced with skill taxonomies and aggregated into a comprehensive skill comparison tool
Performance Assessments – Leverage annual reviews to create informal skill based performance assessments
Gamification Strategies – Leverage best practices to inspire and engage the team
Integration -Connect HR or LMS to keep staff records in sync and seamlessly share data the client’s systems of record
Training needs analysis – leverage skill data to identify areas where training is required


It uses Azure PaaS (platform as a service) Services, hosting, file storage, databases and others, and the code itself is a classic layered architecture (legacy project). This is being transitioned towards a more flexible architecture on the UI level, using Bootstrap and Angular.


The platform is built using C# and .NET framework 4.6, SQL Server.

The front-end was built using CSS3, Bootstrap and AngularJS. A special, optimized interface is presented to mobile users.


Agile / Kanban

This project was particularly intensive with regard to communication between the team and the product owner. A deep understanding of the business processes was needed.


The project team consisted of: one Project Manager, two .NET developers, one QA Engineer

The development team was cross functional, owning equally the back-end and front-end part of the platform.