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Web Development

Web Development Services at Nordlogic

Web development services represent one of the core pillars of Nordlogic’s offering.

When the company was created in 2006, web development was our first service. Since then, as we grew, we added other services, many of which complemented our web development capability.

Effective web development outsourcing

Our unique method to take engineering worries off our customers’ minds
has been tried and tested for 15 years.

For Product Companies

While software product companies often have their internal development team, they are often in need of the ability to scale, while keeping costs in check.

Nordlogic can provide a team that is dedicated to your product.
Expect the team to embrace your product as their own and to bring their ideas to the table.

We don’t consider ourselves just an outsourcing company.
We are a product company, and our product is your product.

For Enterprise Decision Makers

There is a wide array of web development needs an enterprise can have.
We are happy to lend our expertise in building:

  • Internal tools
  • External facing applications
  • Data aggregation & visualization portals
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Modernize legacy apps, bringing them to the modern web era

All of the above come with the expertise that our CTO, Ciprian Sorlea, brings
to the table

For Software Services Providers

It is critical for software services providers to be able to quickly respond to their
customers’ requests for resources.
If they can’t, the customer will take their business elsewhere.
The best way to mitigate this is by having a reliable partner to fall back on.
There are many advantages to such a partnership.

  • Ability to quickly scale up
  • Ability to expand the technology pool
  • Better cost control
  • Extended time zone support

Our CEO, Andrei Olariu, is happy to discuss the advantages a strategic partnership with Nordlogic can bring you

For Startup Founders

Bridging the gap between market opportunity and affordability of an
engineering process can be a daunting task.
In the early stages of a startup, it is critical to be able to showcase your idea to
potential investors in the most compelling way.

We will build your MVP, which is a big step forward when talking to investors. We will help you pivot when needed. And we will help you accelerate once the right path has been identified.

Our CTO, Ciprian Sorlea, has a wealth of experience advising startups as a mentor,
and he will be happy to guide you in your exciting journey

Advance Your Business Through Our Customized
Web Development Solutions.

Cutting-edge web-based solutions will take your business to the next level.
Eastern Europe and Romania provide a deep pool of skilled resources for web development.

Web solutions we develop

There has been a continuing trend for various types of solutions and applications to move towards a web-based approach. There are several advantages to such web solutions, including ease of deployment to users and speed of development.


Web Applications

A web-based solution is the right choice for most business problems that can benefit from a digital solution. Web applications can range from simple implementations that solve individual problems for a small business to fully blown enterprise-level systems.



A web portal brings information/data from various sources and integrates it in a relevant manner.



Displaying mostly static content, they are web applications’ little brothers.


E-commerce solutions

A web shop can complement retail sales or represent the business’s core


Data visualization

Visualization tools can bring meaning to raw data, resulting in reports that directly impact business decisions.


API Public interface development

Large solutions will often need to allow external systems to interact with them. In order to achieve this, they have to expose a secure API.

Web development technologies

There is a wide array of viable technologies available for web development. Choosing the right technology stack can have a positive impact on the speed of development, flexibility, performance, and cost.


One of the core technologies of web development. For a long time used to model client-side behavior; it has lately also moved to the server side through several popular frameworks.


Created by Microsoft, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and is designed for the development of large-scale applications. It is used for both front-end and back-end development.


One of the most mature programming languages for the server side of web development. While its popularity has declined lately, it is powering a large percentage of the existing and new web application ecosystem.


Python has been around since the 80s, long before the Internet was available, and the concept of web development did not even exist. It is, however, experiencing a huge increase in popularity due to its excellent capabilities of processing large amounts of data, as well as its speed and reliability. For web development, it is often used in conjunction with other languages.

.NET Core

Microsoft’s open-source offering for back-end web development.


HTML is the standard markup language for the World Wide Web. It describes the semantic structure of a web page, and it is usually assisted by other technologies (e.g. JavaScript, CSS).


Together with HTML and JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) represents one of the core technologies for web development. Its role is to describe the presentation of documents written in HTML.


Runtime environment for back-end JavaScript development. Representing the “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm, it contributes to the unification of both front and back-end web development around one programming language.


Based on Node.js, Nest is a framework for building scalable and efficient web applications. It provides full TypeScript support.


Lightweight Node.js framework aimed at the development of web and mobile applications. It provides a layer of fundamental functionalities without obscuring the original Node.js features.


JavaScript library for handling bi-directional communication between client and server. A great choice for real-time web applications.


Our “go-to” framework for building single-page applications. Written in TypeScript and receiving the backing of Google, it is the front-end framework of choice for more than 40% of web application software developers.


Based on Symphony, it is a lightweight but powerful PHP framework based on the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern.


PHP micro-framework based on Symphony. Although past its end-of-life, there still is a large number of projects based on it in use.


Together with Angular and Vue, it is part of the “Big Three” group of the main JavaScript frameworks for front-end web development. Backed by Facebook.


A relatively new front-end JavaScript framework, it has quickly become mainstream. Extremely reliable for building Single Page Applications, it also excels at handling CSS transitions.


The top dog in containerization. Ensures portability, ease of deployment, and more.


Originally designed by Google, Kubernetes is a containerization-orchestration system with a focus on clusters.


Tool for installing and managing Kubernetes applications.


The leading solution for infrastructure is code. It can manage both assets from major cloud providers and local systems.


Configuration management solution.


A system management tool that helps in automating and centralizing the configuration management process.


The most famous Continuous Integration (CI) tool. Automation server used for automating building, testing, and deployment.


Newer but proprietary CI tool.

Azure DevOps

Microsoft’s DevOps solution covering the entire application lifecycle.


World’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). Flexible and with huge community support.


Open Source e-commerce solution, with good options for both small e-shops and enterprise-level solutions.


E-commerce plugin for WordPress. Great for adding e-commerce capability to your website.


The workhorse of open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS).


Object-relational database management system.


Document-oriented, NoSQL database system.

Why choose Nordlogic?

Since 2006, as the company grew, we added other services, many of which came to complement our web development capability.


A web-based solution is the right choice for most business problems that can benefit from a digital solution. Web applications can range from simple implementations that solve individual problems for a small business to fully blown enterprise-level systems.

Latest technologies

We are continuously evolving as we keep up with the latest technologies in web development, as well as other supporting technologies, such as DevOps.


Outstanding reliability and diligent communication.

Team structure

The right team structure will always depend on the project at hand. You may want to fill some of the roles with your internal team members. A web development team may include all or a subset of the following:

Translating your business needs into requirements ready to be taken on by the development team is the first step in digitizing your business processes.

Structuring information the right way and ensuring ergonomy for users is as critical for an application as is implementing the business requirements.

A web application has good UX design when you don’t even think about it while using it. All the information seems to be where you would expect it to be, and every interaction comes naturally. You even forget about the User’s Manual. You don’t need it.

Of course, having the web application look good is also important. Your users will appreciate it, and it may help you establish or strengthen your brand.

The project manager will keep the team organized, distribute the workload, and follow progress.

She will manage the risks during your web development project to ensure your web application is delivered on time and within budget.

The first contact users have with your web application is the front end. The front-end developer is responsible for implementing the UI as designed by the UX/UI designers. The UI has to be fast, responsive, secure, and flexible.

The back end is responsible for implementing the business logic. A good back-end developer will implement an architecture that is both flexible and scalable. It is important to also adapt it to your particular needs in order to keep costs under control. Security is also paramount.

Some developers have both front-end and back-end skills. Especially on smaller projects, the reduced team size may not allow for dedicated developers for front and back-end development.

A full-stack developer is the right choice in this case.

Web applications can be very complex systems with many ‘moving parts.’ Bugs can occur, and it is important that errors are caught early.

Quality Assurance actually starts with the developers (through defensive programming, unit tests, etc.) and is continued by the QA specialists. They develop test cases and run them whenever the status of the project requires it.

Both manual and automated testing are usually employed.

If you wonder how much testing is needed, you may find this blog article interesting: How much testing do I need for my software product?

As most projects these days employ an agile approach, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) become an important component of the development lifecycle.

The DevOps Engineer will set up the proper infrastructure and processes so that your web application is hosted and updated optimally. While the development team can and will perform some DevOps-related activities, for more complex projects, we provide dedicated DevOps support using specialized personnel.

Our approach to web development services

Each customer and project has its own needs, and we adapt in order to best suit the problem at hand. Our approach to developing web solutions is based on industry best practices and on our rich experience, and it leverages our proven approach to handling projects in general. Depending on the customers’ journey, we go through all or a subset of the stages below. Also, these can happen in a linear manner or in iterations, depending on the methodology applied.

It is not always easy to extract all the business needs and translate them into a language that the implementation team can understand and act upon. As our experience spans several verticals, we are in a good position to assist you so that your web solution gets off to a good start. While we focus on extracting the functional requirements, we’ll make sure we are fully covering all the non-functional requirements as well, such as performance, security, scalability, and many other quality attributes.

Get in touch

Good planning can save a lot of headaches for all stakeholders. From picking the right team size and composition to selecting the project management methodology, planning is a critical step that will impact the project throughout its life cycle. Generally, we favor an agile approach, but that may not always be suitable. Ask us why
Depending on the goals and priorities of the project, the right architecture can range from plain vanilla to very complex. We make sure we discuss the options with you, as they often involve a tradeoff between cost and non-functional requirements, such as capacity and scalability. You don’t have to worry about microservices, serverless, or monoliths; we will help you identify the right architecture for your web application. Ask us why

For web solutions, the look and the user experience are critical. That’s why we work with some of the best UX/UI we (and probably you) have ever seen.

Ask us why

This is where the rubber meets the road. As development progresses (ideally in sprints), regular client demos keep us confident that we are going in the right direction. QA is tightly integrated with development and involves both developers (e.g. developing unit tests) and dedicated QA roles (for automated and manual testing).

Ask us why

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we have you covered. We are big DevOps fans and truly believe in Continuous Integration & Deployment, Infrastructure as Code, and many other concepts that will become the least of your concerns.

Ask us why

A web solution’s journey does not end once it has been deployed to production. We will help you maintain it and make sure it works within the required parameters, upgrade components when needed, and add new features when the business demands it.

Ask us why

Our web development services are accompanied by all the other related services you may need so that you get the complete package:
  • Business Analysis
  • UX/UI
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps

Ask us why

Services related to web development

Our web development services are accompanied by all the other related services you may need so that you get the complete package:

Employ The Right Project Methodology To
Ensure Project Success!

We are strong believers in the Agile approach. We employ SCRUM, Kanban and Lean, depending on project specifics and team size.

What do the people who worked with us have to say?

Some questions you may have…

Technically, web development is the process of developing a ‘website,’ which can be accessed over the Internet or an intranet. Complexity can vary from simple, static implementations all the way to massive and complex solutions (Web Applications or Web Apps).
A web application is a software application that runs on a (usually) remote web server and is delivered through a web browser over the Internet or an intranet.

A Website has mostly static content, while Web Apps usually contain functionalities related to authentication, integrations, and of course, plenty of business-specific functionalities.

A website’s main purpose is to display information, while a web app allows users to interact with it in a meaningful way.

One could argue that a website is a very basic web application.

It is important to understand that a web application is not always more suitable than a desktop application. There are instances where desktop applications are the best fit.

However, here are some of the advantages web applications bring to the table:

  • Easy deployment – it gets deployed instantly to all the users
  • Easy to update
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Platform independent
  • Increased flexibility and scalability

Romania is one of the main software outsourcing destinations in Europe. With a long history of high-quality science and technology education, Romania has become a reference name for companies looking to tap into a skilled and culturally aligned resource pool.

Cluj is one of the educational poles in Romania. Host to Romania’s largest university, it has become the country’s hub for software development services.

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We are happy to offer a free consultation in which you can discuss your web application idea with one of our experts and find out how we will deliver it for you.

Ciprian Sorlea, CTO

Ciprian is a technical star. The wide array of technologies that he is proficient with, together with his tremendous experience in software architecture, allows him to come up with the best solutions for your problem.