We all know that every successful software product starts with a big idea. However, it takes a lot of time, energy and dedication to take that great idea and transform it into a successful product. Most importantly, you need the right technology and architecture to ensure a seamless experience for your end-users. Unfortunately, in many cases you don’t have the necessary resources to take care of both. But there is a simple solution for this: Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO).

To outsource or not your software development services to Romania?

There are many reasons to consider software outsourcing to Romania, otherwise this country would not rank high among the most attractive destinations in the world. Over the past decade, Romania has entered the radar of many tech global companies thanks to its logistical advantages, multilingual highly-skilled workforce, time zones compatibility, and competitive outsourcing rates.

The Romanian IT landscape is very dynamic and has all the makings for an attractive outsourcing destination. According to the annual report of the Romanian Business Service Leaders’ Association (ABSL), Romania’s outsourcing sector currently employs 1.5% of the country’s population and generates 4 billion Eur in yearly revenue.

Choose your software development team from a large talent pool

What are the main drivers fueling the growth of the Romanian IT workforce? First of all, students are encouraged from a very young age to pursue a career in information technology, computer science, robotics, and other related fields. Eastern Europe has a long history of outstanding technical and math schools. Another important factor to consider is the government measure exempting software professionals employed by Romanian IT companies from paying the 16% income tax. Both the education and the legal systems are supporting the fast development of the Romanian IT landscape.

These incentives are really effective and, based on research published by HackerRank, Romania is one of the top 20 countries with the best software developers in the world. There are many experts in a wide range of technology skills which explains how Romania ranks first in Europe and sixth in the world for the number of certified IT specialists.

The most sought-after skills are in web technologies (JavaScript, Angular, Node.js), mobile technologies (Xamarin, Ionic, NativeScript), cloud technologies (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS), embedded development and IoT, as well as DevOps.

Easy access and time zones compatibility with Europe and the USA

Geographical position and easy access to the country is very important and, once again, Romania wins this round in the global outsourcing game. Although we are keen on remote collaboration, sometimes it’s nice to meet our foreign clients in-person, and share with them the traditional Romanian culinary experience and also the infamous “palinca”. Fortunately for us, we are ideally situated on the continent, only one or two-hour flight from any important European destination. And ever since we joined the European Union (EU) back in 2007, traveling to Romania from another EU member state does not require a visa. Being part of the EU also means that Romania’s legislation is matching the EU standards, including those for copyright laws and IP protection.

Another advantage is the fact that Romania’s broadband internet ranks fourth in the world in terms of average download speed. Additionally, the location in the GMT+2 time zone allows for real-time collaboration with any European country, and for 2-3 hours overlap with the United States, thus truly making Romania an ideal software development partner. Easy access, real-time communication, and fast internet – three of the main reasons that make Romania such an attractive ITO destination.

Cultural fit and excellent foreign languages skills

We appreciate that speaking the same technology language is important, but it is not the only factor that can determine the success or the failure in software development outsourcing. Often overlooked, we think that a key ingredient in ensuring a good international collaboration is the cultural compatibility. We are talking here about sharing similar values and lifestyles, which makes Romania an ideal cultural fit for Western European countries and the United States.

If there is another thing that Romanians are well known for, it is the ability to learn and speak foreign languages. We know from experience that for any IT specialist English is like a second mother tongue. Other language skills include French, German, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.

Closing notes

As you can see, in Romania you will find a highly-skilled and competent polyglot workforce, with a strong European mindset, committed to your software development projects, and maintaining close business relationships. To sweeten the deal even more, there is a perfect balance between cost and quality because of the entire industry’s focus on delivering quality at competitive prices.

We can continue writing about the many reasons why you should develop your software product in Romania, or we can schedule a short call and discuss directly on your current software development needs. Because here at Nordlogic, your ideas become our mission. Our passion for technology and innovation drives us to deliver cutting edge solutions to delight your customers and exceed their expectations.

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